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OG parts paint and stripes

  • During quarantine I purchased 2011 mustang RTR #004. I would love to see some factory stripes on some clean early cars so I can get the new stripes on correctly. I see a few different variations of where they start mostly around the headlight area. Also I would like to chime in and ask for some factory splitter (front and  rear) manufacturing. When I got the car they were missing and a groundhog on the road took care of whatever was left in the front. ✌️

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    I will second 11-12 the splitters coming back. I own an 11 (#009). Ive already had to replace the entire front splitter assembly once. My current one has taken some road debris. I have removed it as I am terrified I won't be able to replace it if anything else were to happen.

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    I will third the 11-12 Splitters coming back also. I own an 11 (#005), and had to purchase one thats close, but still not RTR exact. It would be nice to recreate both splitters, and to bring back the 11-12 RTR Graphics Stickers too for replacements, as mine are also peeling and the hood has some nice road rash on it.

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