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Wheel and Tire Options

  • What wheel and tire setup is everyone running?  I have the RTR Tech 7's with the Nitto 555 G2s, but my daughter has the Aero 7's with the same tire setup.  9.5 squared on a 275/35R20.

    I'm wondering if I should change up my wheels - swapping her for the Aero 7s maybe.

  • I'm running the original 19x9.5 RTR wheels in charcoal color with Nitto NT555 G2s. 

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    @Jordan Wheeler I've been debating about swapping my tech 7s out with aero 7s, that lip on the rim just looks incredible 

  • @James Metcalf I like the original RTR wheels.  I had a set on my S197 drift car.

  • @Nathan Higgins yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot lately since seeing the 10th Anniversary car.

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    I go back and forth all the time. I'm kicking myself for not getting the 20" Tech7s originally. I think the Tech5s look the best, but the Aero7s are quickly growing on me. 

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    Still running the Series 1 Ford 9.5/10 setup with factory MP4s tires. Looking at Ford PP2 wheels with stickier tires.

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    I've really been thinking about the aero 7. Just want a different look not many people have them. 

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    How do you like the nitto tires? I was debating those or toyo r888

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    @Ronald Bradley nittos are a good tire except when it's cold then they are useless lol. But I've had them on my car for 17k miles no issues. 

  • Ronald mentioned pp2 wheels anyone know if they rub at all?

  • Can someone post up the weights of the Aero 7s please.  All the other wheels have weights listed. Unless I missed it somewhere lol.  

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