Ford Performance Supercharger Kit TVS 700 Horsepower Mustang GT 2018-2019

Ford Performance 700 Horsepower R2650 TVS Supercharger Kit for all 2018-2019 GT Mustangs.

When Ford Performance and Roush combine their efforts the end result is simply staggering. Such is the case with this Ford Performance M-6066-M8 700 Horsepower R2650 TVS Supercharger Kit for your 2018-2019 GT Mustang. When paired with 91 octane fuel and the included calibration, this supercharger will boost performance to an astounding 700 horsepower and 610 pounds per feet of torque at 12psi all while carrying a CARB approval and being legal in all 50 States!

Features and Benefits:
- Fits 2018-2019 5.0L V8 Mustang GT
- Compatible with both Manual and Automatic Transmission Models
- Compatible with the Safe and Smart/Adaptive Cruise Control Package
- Ford Performance/Roush TVS R2650 Supercharger System
- Produces 750 Horsepower and 670 pounds per feet of Torque
- Eaton R2650 Rotating Assembly
- High-Flowing Front Inlet and Outlet Ports
- Greatly Enhanced Thermal and Volumetric Efficiency
- Supercharger Rotors Feature 170 Degrees of Twist
- New 2650 Rotor Geometry Provides Better Sealing with Optimized Length-Over-Depth Ratio
- Increased Durability with Bigger Bearings and Thicker Timing Gears
- Pressure Relief Ports in Bearing Plate for Reduced Input Power
- All-Aluminum, High-Efficiency Intercooler and Full-Face Radiator
- High-Capacity Degas Bottle and Separate Reservoir Provides Substantial Cooling Capacity
- Fuel Charging Assembly with Upper and Lower Aluminum Intake Manifolds
- High-Flow Induction System with Larger Throttle Body Provides Increased Air Flow
- Heavy-duty, First Sheave FEAD System Reduces Stress on the Engine
- High performance, Ultra-Reliable Engine Calibration Included
- Includes All Necessary Installation Hardware
- Made in the USA

The Ford Performance TVS Supercharger provides instant throttle response and can generate increased power through the entire RPM range, unlike other forms of forced induction. Featuring Eaton's new twin four-lobe rotors that are twisted 170-degrees, the Ford Performance 2.65L Supercharger is a roots-type positive displacement supercharger. The newly-designed air inlet and outlet ports yield and impressive list of benefits including enhanced thermal efficiency, higher volumetric capacity, higher operating speeds, a smoother, more efficient flow of air into the engine and overall improved noise and vibration characteristics. To ensure its industry-leading performance, safety, and reliability, this new supercharger has spent hundreds of hours atop engine dyno’s during development. Lastly, this kit fits both automatic and manual-equipped 2018 GT Mustangs and comes with all hardware for installation.

Please Note: This Kit and the included Calibration are NOT compatible with any 2018-2019 5.0L Mustang meant for distribution outside of North America.

Tech Tips: 5W50 oil is required after installation. The use of fuel additives (i.e. octane boosters) is not recommended. Premium fuel (91 octane or higher) is required to prevent “spark-knock” or detonation under certain operating conditions. Operating your engine without the PCM re-calibration will result in engine damage or failure and will void your warranty.

*This kit is not compatible with the BULLITT edition Mustangs. A 3-year/36,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty is included but ONLY when properly installed by a Ford dealer or an Automotive Service Excellence-certified technician.

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