How to Bronco with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy

When Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy aren’t competing in Ultra4 they enjoy taking their Ford Broncos out on the trails. With their combined knowledge and success in the off-road space, they have put together a series of videos to educate you on the off-road features and capabilities of the Ford Bronco. The first video in the series goes over all of the technological features that are packed in the Hero Switches. Vaughn’s personal Bronco RTR was used in this video. It is equipped with the Badlands trim so it has all of the Hero Switch features included. 

What are the Ford Bronco Hero Switches?

The Hero Switches are located on top of the dashboard and include up to 5 features that allow you to quickly access them while you’re out off-roading. Depending on what trim level your Ford Bronco is, you may or may not have all of the Hero Switch features listed below. The following features are included in the Hero Switches:

  • Front Sway Bar Disconnect
  • Front Differential Locker
  • Rear Differential Locker
  • Trail turn Assist
  • Electronic Stability Control

Check out the video below to learn more about when to use the Ford Bronco Hero Switches.

The Sway Bar Disconnect feature allows the stabilizer bar to be disconnected in off-road scenarios. This feature can only be used when you’re going under 20 mph. When the Sway Bar disconnect is engaged you’ll instantly get more articulation from your front wheels.

How to Lift Your Ford Bronco w/ Vaughn Gittin Jr. & Loren Healy

In the second video of the How To Bronco series, Vaughn and Loren share their knowledge on how to lift your Ford Bronco. They go over the types of lift options and encourage you to select the best option that best suits your lifestyle. Check out the video below to learn more about the lifting options for your Ford Bronco. 

Vaughn and Loren go over several styles of lift options such as spring perch collars, coilover suspension and the RTR Spacer Lift Kit.  Below you can see the RTR Space Lift Kit installed on a non-SAS Bronco Black Diamond equipped with factory wheels and tires. The first image  is before and the second image has the RTR Bronco Spacer Lift Kit installed.

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