General Warranty

Unless otherwise stated on a specific product page, all items sold on will be covered by a limited warranty ensuring the product is free from material defects in workmanship or materials, under normal use and conditions, for a period of 30 days from the original purchase date to the original purchaser. makes no other warranties, of any kind whatsoever, whether expressed, implied, oral, or written.

RTR New Vehicles Warranty

RTR Vehicles matches the Ford factory warranty for all dealer or build center installed vehicle packages. Vehicles must be registered in our system to be eligible for warranty claims. To register a vehicle the dealer must provide RTR with the make, model, vin, RTR serial number (if applicable), mileage, and date of kit installation. 

All warranty claims must be filed through our Warranty Claim Form here. 

RTR Vehicles Licensed Item Exceptions

Electrical - Limited 2 year warranty from original purchase date

Suspension - Limited 1 year warranty from original purchase date

Wheels - 1 year finish / limited lifetime structural warranty from original purchase date

Lighting - 2 year housing and functionality, 90 day external wiring

Bronco Heavy Metal Products - Limited 1 year structural defect / 90 day finish from original purchase date.

Non - RTR Vehicles Licensed Items

Warranty is the responsibility of the Manufacturer.  Please contact the manufacturer directly to process your return. The manufacturer will have sole determination of the outcome of the claim. As a courtesy to our customers, RTR Vehicles will be happy to try to facilitate a thorough review of the claim, but we have no final say in the decision made by the manufacturer (i.e. approvals, denials, fees, etc.).

RTR Vehicles is not responsible for any labor costs which occur as the result of the installation of wrong or defective parts.

Stay Protected with EXTEND

The Extend Protection Plan is a great way for you to protect yourself from expensive replacements of your most valued items, and provide you with coverage beyond any manufacturer’s warranty. There are two types of plans: (1) Base Plans which cover product failure after the manufacturer warranty expires and (2) Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) Plans which begin at the time of purchase and cover damage caused by accidents, such as spills, drops, and breaks. The Extend Protection Plan is offered by Extend in collaboration with RTR Vehicles

Extended Limited Warranty via EXTEND (1, 2, or 3 year)

  • Replace the Cost of the Covered Part
  • No Deductibles Required
  • Notification of Enrollment within 24 Hours

Extended Warranty. RTR Vehicles is proud to offer an optional 1/2/3 year extended limited warranty to our customers via Extend that purchase an eligible product. Extend will replace the cost of the covered part of a period of 1/2/3 year after the manufacturer's warranty elapses, or from the date of purchase if the manufacturer does not offer a warranty.

  • Wheels: Road Hazard coverage begins on day 1
  • Products with Base coverage (coilovers, LED/electronic auto parts, suspension systems and parts) will begin after the manufacturer's warranty.

Coverage. A Covered Part has failed when it can no longer perform the function for which it was originally designed solely because of its condition and not because of the action or inaction of any non-covered parts. The benefits available under this Limited Warranty are strictly provided to you for the replacement of the Covered Part(s) which fails due to a defect.

No Deductibles Required. There are no deductibles required for use of this extended product warranty. If your covered part fails within the extended warranty time frame, simply visit for instructions before any repairs or replacements have begun. Warranty replacement confirmation in as little as 90 seconds.

For more information on terms and conditions visit

If you need any further assistance with regards to Extend please contact the Extend Customer Care Team through the Extend Claims Portal or via phone at 877-248-7707