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RTR All Purpose Cleaner

RTR Vehicles All-Purpose Cleaner is the perfect multi-purpose cleaner for your vehicle.

Product Information

Product Benefits

RTR Vehicles All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for any automotive enthusiast that needs an easy yet effective way of keeping their car clean and looking like new. With our cleaner, you can clean, degrease and decontaminate – all with one product! Plus, it's easily dilutable for cleaning delicate surfaces on your vehicle. Whether you need to remove road grime, trail debris or burnt rubber, our powerful yet safe formula will get the job done.

Oh, and did we mention it smells like Hawaiian Punch too? Experience maximum cleaning power with minimal effort – try RTR All Purpose Cleaner today!

Powerful Formulation

RTR Vehicles All-Purpose Cleaner was designed to tackle stubborn dirt and grime on multiple surfaces like paint, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, and much more. Our powerful and effective formula is designed to easily remove dirt, grime and grease from your car's surfaces without scrubbing or using too much elbow grease. Its non-toxic ingredients are safe to use on all surfaces of your vehicle, including glass, metal, plastic and vinyl.

Whether you’ve been out on the trails or just left the track, the RTR All-Purpose Cleaner is a multi-surface cleaner that can be used on the exterior, interior or engine bay of your vehicle.You don't need different products for different areas of your car – just one cleaning solution to tackle them all!

Made in the USA: The RTR All Purpose Cleaner is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

  • Cleans, degreases and decontaminates
  • Dilutable for cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Perfect for cleaning burnt rubber off your vehicle
  • Hawaiian Punch scent
  • Blended by the Pros at Adam’s Polishes for RTR Vehicles

What's in the Box:

  • (1) 16oz. RTR All Purpose Cleaner
  • (1) Nozzle Sprayer

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