A group of RTR Detailing Essentials bottles, including Quick Detailer, Interior Cleaner, Wheel/Tire Cleaner, and All-Purpose Cleaner. Designed for a glossy finish and easy cleaning.
A spray bottle with yellow Quick Detailer for vehicle detailing. Made in the USA.
A close-up of RTR Wheel and Tire Cleaner: a yellow spray bottle with a black label, a black sprayer with a white nozzle, and a black and yellow label. Designed for easy vehicle cleaning without rinsing or scrubbing.
A close-up of RTR Interior Cleaner: a clear spray bottle with black label
A close-up of RTR All Purpose Cleaner: a clear spray bottle with black label

RTR Detailing Essentials

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Product Benefits

RTR Vehicles Detail line is the perfect addition to any RTR owner or enthusiast’s detailing kit. Our Quick Detailer is designed to give your vehicle a glossy, just-washed shine with minimal effort. The Interior Cleaner is designed to deeply penetrate any surface, from fabric upholstery to vinyl and leather, quickly breaking down dirt and grime. While our Wheel/Tire cleaner cuts through brake dust, dirt, and road grime with ease.All you need to do is spray and wipe – no rinsing or scrubbing needed! We round out the set with our RTR Vehicles All-Purpose Cleaner to clean, degrease, and decontaminate.

Made in the USA

RTR Quick Detailer is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.

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Here at RTR, we live by the phrase "Available to All, Not for Everyone" and we mean it. The team at RTR have designed and built very special parts–for very special enthusiasts–for over 10 years.

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Since 2010, RTR has worked to redefine the definition of performance, whether you’re on the track, drifting, cruising backroads, drag racing, or just daily driving, RTR is about more than just driving–it’s about the experience!

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