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The Carlisle Ford Nationals is an automotive extravaganza that leaves car enthusiasts exhilarated and filled with adrenaline! This annual event is the ultimate celebration of everything Ford, showcasing the finest vehicles from every era and attracts enthusiasts from all over the country to attend.

The weekend was jam packed with drift sessions, vehicle walkarounds and an autograph session with Vaughn Gittin Jr. This year we brought out the brand new 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2, RTR-X, FunRunner Bronco and #030 Bronco RTR. Continue reading to check out all the exciting things we did during our time at the 2023 Carlisle Ford Nationals. 

The last year Vaughn Gittin Jr. attended the Carlisle Ford Nationals was back in 2013. It’s been a full 10 years since we have attended this event so we had to make a big impact this year.

Vaughn had a full day of events lined up on Friday before he flew out that evening to attend Grid Life Midwest on Saturday. The first of four drift sessions started Friday morning with the new Mustang RTR Spec 2.

During each session, Vaughn took some people on the track for some ridealongs. At one point during the sessions we had a couple of open seats that didn’t get filled. Vaughn decided to pull a couple of people from the audience to give them a ride along! 

Just after our first drift session, the 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2 headed to the grandstands for a walkaround. This was the first public showing of the new Mustang RTR just after it’s reveal in Orlando, FL. 

After Vaughn finished his walkaround of the 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2, he hopped in and gave the people what they all came for, a big smokey burnout! If you would like to learn more about the 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2, please visit this LINK. 

In between drift sessions we had an opportunity to check out the show field and spotted a few Mustang RTR owners and RTR-equipped vehicles!

This Ford Bronco was sitting on a set of RTR Tech 6 wheels in Satin Charcoal.

This Gotta Have It Green Boss 302 was spotted rockin’ a set of RTR Tech 7 Wheels.

Michael L. brought his Mustang RTR convertible by the booth for us to check it out. This is 1 of 12 Mustang RTR convertibles that have ever been produced!

Matt Buoye took home 1st Place in the Specialty Builder Class with his 2014 Mustang RTR Spec 2! Congratulations again Matt!

Later in the afternoon, Vaughn Gittin Jr. signed autographs at the RTR display from 2:30PM - 4:00PM just before his final drift session of the day. As always, fans brought RTR gear, car parts and memorabilia for Vaughn to sign. We want to thank each and every one of you who took the time out of your day to wait in line to meet Vaughn Gittin Jr.

A Mustang owner even pulled up his Mustang in front of the display to have his rear decklid signed. He told Vaughn that he can sign as large as he wanted so here is the final result!

After the autograph session it was time to hit the track for the final drift session of the day!

On Saturday it was a much lighter schedule for us as we only had one walkaround scheduled with the Bronco RTR and joined the Carlisle Parade after the show had ended. Jordan Wheeler, Sales Development Manager, gave a walkaround presentation on the Bronco RTR.

This Bronco RTR is owned by Josh Hipp who is our Dealer Development Manager. It’s equipped with the optional Protection Package, Lighting Package and Grabber Blue Topo Graphics. If you would like to learn more about the Bronco RTR, please visit this LINK.

After the show ended, it was time for the Carlisle Ford Parade. The 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2 and Bronco RTR lined up behind a 7th-Generation Mustang GT Performance Package and Mustang Dark Horse that our friends from Ford were driving.

The parade started just outside the Carlisle Fairgrounds and cruised to its final destination in Downtown Carlisle.

We had an amazing time at the 2023 Carlisle Ford Nationals and hope all of you enjoyed it as well. Thank you to the amazing event staff that put on a fantastic show, we hope to see you all again next year!

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