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RTR Suspension sets new standards for the 2024 Ford Mustang. RTR didn’t just add “2024” to our fitment guide like the rest of the market. With the release of the S650 Mustang, RTR went back to the track to ensure that each component of our RTR Tactical Performance suspension line performs to demanding standards.
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Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa decided to give their outgoing S550 Mustang RTR Spec 5-D one last ride before they hop in the driver's seat of their 7th Generation Mustang RTR Spec 5-D’s. During HyperFest this year, they took them for a full course drift session around Virginia International Raceway. The fun isn’t over just yet! We're going to embark on a nostalgic journey that'll take you back in time as we reminisce on all of the exciting events the S550 RTR Spec 5-D Mustangs have been a part of. 
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Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri, where the high-octane excitement of the Formula Drift Championship reaches its peak in Round 5. As the engines roar and tires screech, the Gateway Motorsports Park transforms into a battleground for the world's most skilled drifters, pushing their finely-tuned machines to the limits of control and precision. The air was charged with anticipation as the drivers navigate the challenging course, blending the perfect balance of speed, style, and smoke. With a backdrop of towering grandstands and a sea of enthusiastic fans, Round 5 promises to be a spectacle of tire-scorching slides and heart-stopping runs.

The Carlisle Ford Nationals is an automotive extravaganza that leaves car enthusiasts exhilarated and filled with adrenaline! This annual event is the ultimate celebration of everything Ford, showcasing the finest vehicles from every era and attracts enthusiasts from all over the country to attend.

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Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa unleashed their RTR Spec 5-D Mustangs, on the scenic roads of Wilkesboro, North Carolina for Mustang Touge! Check out the full video and keep reading after you watch it for more behind the scenes action.

It’s been a while since we’ve featured the Mach-E 1400. It was in China for a couple of months to help promote the launch of the Mach-E in the Chinese market. While overseas, the Mach-E 1400 was a static display at various Ford dealers throughout China. Check out the unique livery it wore while there. 

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