Formula Drift Atlanta Recap

Formula Drift Atlanta Recap

The RTR Drift Team brings the excitement to Formula Drift Atlanta! The fans met us with unparalleled energy and the Mustang Unleashed Tour added to the thrill with...
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The RTR Drift Team brought excitement to Formula Drift Atlanta, James Deane showcased his exceptional drifting skills, securing a well-deserved 3rd-place finish. His impressive performance maintains his lead in the overall points standings for the 2024 Formula Drift Championship. Vaughn Gittin Jr., making his first appearance of the season, joined the competition for this round and will also compete in the last round of FD at Irwindale. Unfortunately, Ben Hobson faced an early exit after being knocked out during his seeding bracket, preventing him from advancing to the Top 32. The fans brought unparalleled energy and the Mustang Unleashed Tour added to the thrill with unique experiences for 2024+ Mustang owners. As the team prepares for Round 3, the stage is set for more high-octane action in Orlando, FL.

Vaughn Gittin Jr and James Deane battle it out in the Top 32 battle at Formula Drift Atlanta

Competition Highlights

With Ben out of competition, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and James Deane were the remaining RTR Drift Team drivers to make it to the Top 32. A twist of fate had James and Vaughn battling head-to-head in the first Top 32 battle of the night. 

James Deane chases down Vaughn Gittin Jr during his Top 32 battle

Riding high from his victory at Long Beach, James triumphed over the boss, Vaughn, and advanced to the Top 16. This win left James as the lone RTR driver in the competition, where he continued to impress, ultimately securing a 3rd-place podium finish.

James Deane leads in his Top 16 battle with Dylan Hughes

Top 16 Battle

James and Dylan Hughes kicked off the Top 16 battle where James was voted to advance unanimously by the judges.

James Deane and Matt Field competing on track at Formula Drift Atlanta

Great 8 Battle

James started the Great 8 battle against Matt Field with a lead run and followed up with a solid chase run. The judges voted unanimously to advance James to the Top 4 where he would battle Frederic Aasbo.

James Deane and Fredric Aasbo face off in the Top 4 Battle at FD Atlanta

Top 4 Battle

The two 3-time Formula Drift Champions faced off in the Top 4 battle. The judges would ultimately vote in Aasbo’s favor, securing James a 3rd place podium finish.

Lithia Springs Ford

213 Ben Hobson Edition Mustang RTR

In addition to the thrilling action on track, two special edition Mustang RTR Spec 2 Mustangs, inspired by Ben Hobson, debuted at Formula Drift Atlanta. Lithia Springs Ford built two RTR Spec 2 Mustangs inspired by the striking livery of Ben Hobson's competition Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD.

2 Ben Hobson edition 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 2's next to Ben's Formula Drift competition car

One is Shadow Black and the other is Yellow Splash Metallic. Both Mustangs feature unique Hot Pink graphics synonymous with Ben Hobson and his driver number 213 on the rear bumper. If you want to own one of these unique RTR Mustangs, they are currently available at Lithia Springs Ford.

Mustang Unleashed Tour

In addition to the main event, the Mustang Unleashed Tour provided a unique experience for 2024+ Mustang owners. This dedicated tour featured a unique display, a viewing deck, and exclusive merchandise. Owners also had the thrilling opportunity to enjoy ride-alongs in the new 2024 Ford Mustang. Vaughn Gittin Jr., James Deane, and Ben Hobson spent time at the tour, engaging with fans and handing out free merchandise, further enhancing the fan experience. To find the next stop on the Mustang Unleashed Tour, check out the LINK. 

Looking Ahead

The excitement didn't stop here. The next round of the Formula Drift Championship would only be a couple of weeks away in Orlando, FL. James Deane and Ben Hobson would be back in action, with hopes high for James to maintain his lead in the championship points and for Ben to continue settling into the 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and behind-the-scenes action from the RTR Drift Team as the season progresses.

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