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Since 2010, RTR Vehicles has revolutionized the way enthusiasts experience their Ford vehicles. Our commitment has always been to open our doors wider, letting you step into our world of passion and performance. Now, we're excited to announce the next stage in our evolution and invite you to be a part of it with the Built by RTR program.

The Ultimate RTR Experience

Enhance Your Ride - Elevate Your Experience

Built by RTR isn't just a service; it's a bespoke adventure that begins at the RTR Lab in Concord, NC. Your vehicle will be assembled by RTR Technicians in the same space where our Formula Drift Team strategizes and builds our championship-winning RTR Spec 5-FD Mustangs. Whether you drive a Mustang, Bronco, Ranger, or Mach-E, we are currently building and modifying current and prior model years. 

Customize Like Never Before

Choose from an extensive selection of RTR vehicle packages or components. It’s all about creating a vehicle that not only stands out but perfectly aligns with your lifestyle. From full vehicle builds to installing a new set of RTR Wheels on your Mustang or Roof Rack on your Bronco; let your vision be our guide.

Our Promise: Available to All, Not for Everyone

Built by RTR is more than just a program—it’s a testament to our philosophy. Join the ranks of boss moms, soccer dads, NFL stars, and Grammy-winning artists who’ve all embraced the Built by RTR program.

  EXPERIENCE - Visit the RTR Lab

Local to us or planning a visit? Come see where your vehicle will be transformed! While we are not fully open to the public, those who join the Built by RTR program get an exclusive sneak peek at the RTR Lab.

Start Your RTR Journey Today

Are you Ready to Rock? Get in touch with us to discuss your vehicle’s transformation or explore our RTR components catalog to begin your build. To start your build, submit your information through our web form below or contact us directly. Our Built by RTR experts are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating experience.