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January 28th, 2023 // Texas Speed Factory // Flower Mound, Texas

We are excited to partner with Texas Speed Factory with our Built by RTR program to offer vehicle packages and components out of their facility in Texas. Their team of highly skilled craftsmen have been building modernized versions of classic cars under their sister company Classic Recreations. They are excited to start offering RTR vehicles and components to anyone looking to redefine their definition of performance.

The day started out at Texas Speed Factory’s facility with an open house from 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM. Mustangs and Broncos quickly filled the parking lot. The TSF team gave tours showcasing what they do within their facility and showing off some of their current projects.

Texas Speed Factory offers a wide range of performance enhancements and full vehicle builds all under one roof. Classic Recreations is one facet of their business. Classic Recreations specializes in creating high-quality, modernized versions of classic cars. They take iconic vehicles from the past and imbue them with the latest technology, engineering, and performance upgrades to create a driving experience that combines the classic look and feel of the original with the convenience and reliability of a new car. They offer steel chassis to build from and also full carbon fiber!

While the tours were going on, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy were hanging out with enthusiasts sharing stories and signing some autographs. Some Mustangs lined up outside for Vaughn Gittin Jr. to sign as well.

Check out some of the cars that showed up for the open house!

Around 11:00 AM, we wrapped up the open house tours and rounded all of the Bronco owners up to get ready for the Off-Road Experience at Northwest OHV Park located in Bridgeport, TX. 

The Northwest OHV Park is a 300 acre park with 25 miles of trails for off-road enthusiasts to enjoy. Upon arrival, everyone met at the staging area and prepped their Broncos for the trails we were about to go on. The team at TSF mapped out 2 separate trails that could accommodate various off-road experience levels.

One of the first obstacles we encountered on the trails was a rut that was filled with water from the storms earlier in the week. No more clean Broncos!

As we continued through the trails, Vaughn decided to hop out and help some of the Bronco owner’s navigate through and give them advice as to what settings would be best to drive in.

After cruising through the marked trails that were planned for everyone to cruise on, we headed back to base camp.

Some of the more experienced riders followed Vaughn and Loren to check out some trails that were off the beaten path.

While out on the trails, Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy took the time to chat with off-road enthusiasts and take some pictures.

There was no shortage of smiles on faces and dirty Broncos while out on the trails.

With all that rock crawling, Vaughn had to stretch his Bronco RTR’s legs and take it out to an open field for some dusty donuts. 

Before heading back to base camp, we decided to hit one last trail. Chase Gentry (@chasehgentry) and Ben Peacock (@feromachines) tagged along with us to capture some content and put their Bronco to the test. 

Check out the BRaptor’s articulation! It handled everything we threw at it on the trails. 

In an attempt to get some of the dirt off of the Broncos before we loaded them up, they were driven through some muddy water. Not sure if it cleaned them up or got them dirtier, but it made for some great photos! 

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by Texas Speed Factory and all of the Bronco enthusiasts that spent their day with us at the Northwest OHV Park! Also, a big shout out to the amazing team at Texas Speed Factory for your support in making this event happen and we look forward to our future together. 

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