3.0 Whipple Stage 1 Supercharger 750HP (18-22) - RTR Vehicles
3.0 Whipple Stage 1 Supercharger 750HP (18-22) - RTR Vehicles

3.0 Whipple Stage 1 Supercharger 750HP (18-22 Mustang GT)

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3.0 Whipple Stage 1 Supercharger 750HP (18-22 Mustang GT)

The Generation 5 - 3.0L Whipple Supercharger System is a front feed, twin screw supercharger that combines Whipple’s latest technology to produce 750 horsepower and 615 lb-ft torque. That’s a whopping +290 horsepower increase over factory power output. This is the same supercharger that we use on the 2022 Mustang RTR Spec 3.

A 4.00” supercharger pulley generates between 9-10psi of boost and a minimum of 91 octane is required. The unique, inverted design of the supercharger allows Whipple to integrate dual intercoolers, one for each bank of cylinders. The compressed air is cooled before it enters the combustion chamber resulting in maximum horsepower and efficiency.

The Whipple Tomahawk handheld programmer allows you to install a unique PCM (Powertrain Control Module) calibration that reconfigures the engine functions of your Mustang. An IAT2 harness and sensor is included to monitor the compressed, intercooled air to ensure the engine is operating safely in all environments.

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