RTR Front License Plate Bracket for Mustang with RTR logo, crafted from lightweight black aluminum, designed for RTR Upper Grille compatibility.
Close-up of RTR Front License Plate Bracket on yellow Mustang with RTR Upper Grille, showcasing sleek black aluminum finish and RTR logo.
Front view of a yellow Mustang with RTR Front License Plate Bracket, showcasing RTR Upper Grille and LED Air Intakes compatibility. Crafted from black powder-coated aluminum with RTR logo.
Front view of a yellow Mustang with RTR Front License Plate Bracket. Sleek design with RTR logo, ideal for Mustangs with RTR Upper Grille. Crafted from lightweight aluminum.

RTR Front License Plate Bracket (24+ Mustang)

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RTR Front License Plate Bracket (24+ Mustang)

If you are a Mustang owner and your state or country requires you to have a front license plate installed, this bracket is an ideal blend of aesthetic appeal and functional necessity, perfect for enhancing your Mustang's appearance while complying with local legal requirements.

The RTR Front License Plate Bracket is a specialized accessory designed for Ford Mustang owners that have the RTR Upper Grille w/ LED Air Intakes installed on their Mustang. The bracket is crafted from lightweight aluminum and has a sleek black powder-coated finish.

It features the distinctive RTR logo and includes all necessary hardware for installation, ensuring a seamless integration with the RTR Upper Grille. Installation requires the temporary removal of the RTR Upper Grille. There are two alignment holes on the back of the RTR Upper Grille to ensure a precise fit. The bracket also includes soft rubber isolators to protect your Mustang’s paint finish.

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