Black RTR Blackout Beanie with rubberized logo and leather patch, embodying RTR's style and comfort. One size fits all for a snug, versatile fit.
A black beanie with a rubberized RTR logo stitched on it, embodying the RTR Blackout Beanie's sleek design and understated style.
A premium RTR Blackout Beanie with comfortable knit. 'One size fits all' for comfort and style, perfect for track days or casual outings.
A black knit cap featuring a subtle black rubberized RTR logo and a smaller stitched RTR tag on the side. Designed for all head sizes, offering comfort and style for RTR enthusiasts.

RTR Blackout Beanie

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Redefining the Definition of Performance.


The RTR Blackout Beanie is crafted from premium materials, this all-black beanie offers both comfort and style for those who live and breathe the RTR lifestyle. The sleek, understated design features a subtly stitched black rubberized RTR logo, perfectly complementing the beanie's stealthy look. On the side, a smaller RTR logo is carefully stitched, showcasing your allegiance to the RTR brand without saying a word.

Designed with a 'one size fits all' approach, this beanie promises a snug and comfortable fit for all head sizes, ensuring you stay warm and focused, whether you're at the track, in the garage, or simply enjoying a casual day out. The RTR Blackout Beanie is your perfect companion, blending style, function, and the spirit of RTR into one essential accessory.

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Here at RTR, we live by the phrase "Available to All, Not for Everyone" and we mean it. The team at RTR have designed and built very special parts–for very special enthusiasts–for over 10 years.

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Since 2010, RTR has worked to redefine the definition of performance, whether you’re on the track, drifting, cruising backroads, drag racing, or just daily driving, RTR is about more than just driving–it’s about the experience!

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