5 tips for a summer full of fun with an RTR Ranger

5 tips for a summer full of fun with an RTR Ranger

Summer is here!

It is the weekend and roads are calling. You think to yourself, "I’d love to just get away from it all and have a little fun.” You walk towards the garage, flick the lights on, sitting there is your RTR Ranger... Ready to have some summer fun.

Here's 5 ideas for a fun packed summer with RTR and the Ford Ranger:

1. It’s summertime, that means the beach is the first stop. Pack up the Ranger with your cooler, sunscreen, a few friends and go enjoy yourself! Don’t worry about the crew getting a little sand in your Ranger, we’ve got you covered. With the RTR branded Floor Liners, just yank them out and hose them off when you get back home.

2. Not a fan of crowds and sunburns? Take a road trip! Pack up the family, put some gas in the tank, and hit the road! Explore what makes your state beautiful, we know you have been wanting to! Just roll down the windows and enjoy the sound of the Ford Performance cat back exhaust system.

3. Are you ready to take the roads less traveled? With the Fox Performance Series 2.0 suspension you will love every second with Ranger in its natural habitat. When combined with a set of RTR Tech 6 off-road wheels and the Nitto Ridge Grapplers, you’ll have no problem getting to the best spots.

4. While you’re off the beaten path, have fun exploring the great outdoors. Maybe you're an avid fisher, but you haven't broken the pole out in years. Well, now you're fun having can carry on until the late hours. Let the addition of your LED RTR grille help light your way back to civilization.

5. When you get back, take that special someone out for a night on the town. Roll up in style and comfort with the Ranger RTR’s graphics package and RTR debosed leather seats.
Whether you’re Ranger is rocking the RTR badge or you’re adding some flare of your own to your Ford Ranger, enjoy this summer. You’ve earned it.

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A fusion of cultures

James Deane's Livery for the 2024 Formula Drift Season

Inspired by the vibrant and impactful designs of the European drift scene, James Deane's livery for 2024 is a testament to the blend of RTR's distinctive style with international flair. The livery introduces more neon colors, especially neon orange, creating a vivid contrast that stands out on the track. This year's design aims to capture the essence of European creativity while maintaining the aggressive and dynamic lines synonymous with RTR.

A Nod to the 90's

Ben Hobson's Livery for the 2024 Formula Drift Season

Ben Hobson's livery draws inspiration from an iconic era of racing—the 90s Pennzoil liveries of the Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTCC). Merging his signature hot pink with the traditional Pennzoil colors, Ben's Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD becomes a moving tribute to a cherished motorsport legacy, reimagined with a modern twist.

Innovations In Design and Function

The 2024 Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD brings not just visual enhancements but also notable exterior enhancements. Both Mustangs now feature the RTR Signature LED Grille Lights, customized to match the drivers' color themes!

The relocation of rear ventilation to the entire rear decklid, significantly improves airflow, heat reduction, and smoke dispersion, essential for the forthcoming drift battles during this season.

Although both RTR Mustangs exterior components are primarily made of carbon fiber, we haven’t really had exposed carbon fiber until now. Ben's Mustang showcases exposed carbon fiber sections, marrying form and function in a sleek, lightweight package.

Honoring Partnerships and Personal Touches

The heart of our racing endeavors is not just in the cars, but in the people and partnerships that drive us forward. James Deane's Mustang proudly bears the AutoZone title partnership, while Ben Hobson's Mustang is adorned with Pennzoil's iconic branding, showcasing a strong collaboration rooted in performance and excellence.

Each livery also carries personal elements unique to the drivers—James' features a neon Irish flag and a Deane Motorsports logo on the rear duckbill spoiler which is a nod to his family's motorsport legacy. Both cars prominently display their respective drivers' numbers and the iconic Ford Mustang Running Pony logo, signifying their racing spirit and heritage.

See them in action at Round 1 of Formula Drift in Long Beach, California

The reveal of the 2024 liveries marks a significant moment for RTR Vehicles, our drivers, and fans alike. Scheduled to make their first public appearance at Round 1 of Formula Drift in Long Beach, California, these liveries symbolize a new chapter in our racing journey, blending the past's echoes with today's innovations.

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